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There are three variants of HeirSheir, to support different types of family transition. The differences arise in the decisions that must be made around the use of the system because of the legal circumstances. The system itself is not involved with legal issues, but there are often legal matters that must be resolved before the system can sensibly be used.

HeirSheir helps to disperse assets after bereavement. The preparations for using the system have to take into account the wishes of the deceased expressed where there is a will and the granting of probate.

FairSheirs is for dispersing assets that are no longer needed if members of the family downsize or move abroad. The wishes of the donors need to be properly understood and taken into account.

Separate Sheirs is for sharing assets when a relationship has broken down. The couple needs to shape an agreement of principles before setting about the detailed allocation of assets. The support of a mediator is helpful in all three circumstances, but especially so here.



Why does HEIRSHEIR work?

HeirSheir works because it is clear and fair and everyone gets something they want.

It is clear because everyone sees the same information in the HeirSheir database
It is fair because everyone gets the right share of the estate’s value
Everyone gets something they want because of the unique way HeirSheir takes everyone’s wishes into account to achieve a balanced outcome.

The principle of HeirSheir is that all the beneficiaries sign up to use the same set of rules
Because everyone agrees to follow the rules, they all know where they stand
Because it is in everyone’s interest to follow the rules they have signed up to, no-one feels cheated and everyone gets something they want



HeirSheir has its origins in the settlement of a family inheritance in 2011. Five bereaved siblings asked a friend to help them find an equitable way of sharing out an estate of several hundred objects.

The approach that emerged offered the siblings a bargain: if they all agreed to follow the same rules, they would assure a clear and fair outcome with everyone getting some of the things they wanted.

With the help of an independent friend of the family who acted as mediator the process was tried out and the estate was settled successfully. There was no family friction and the siblings still get on well together.

The system we offer you today has evolved a long way from its prototype, but it is still based on the same core principles. It is open so that everyone can see what is happening. It is financially fair so that everyone gets their fair share. And everyone gets some of the things that they want.

We now use the power of the internet to offer a proven process to groups of beneficiaries however dispersed they are in the world and whether they want to use a smart phone, a tablet or a computer.

HeirSheir offers you a fair and peaceful way to share your family assets.




When our mother died, a friend introduced us to HeirSheir. It worked really well for us. I got most of the things I really wanted, and each of the others was happy with the outcome too.
Anders Boehm

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