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The fair and peaceful way to share your family assets

Product Feature Comparison

Moderator Handbook √   
Handle individual entitlements per Beneficiary  
Build Inventory (on line)  
Bulk inventory upload from spreadsheet    
Currency independent    
Image upload from phone/tablet    
Bulk Images upload    
Interface with Encircle app for easy inventory creation    
Beneficiaries able to participate in inventory creation    
Beneficiary selections independent and private - not visible to other beneficiaries  
Option for sealed bids  
Manual or automatic allocation of items    
Ability for Moderator to override system allocations  
Asset tracking (sell, charity, etc)  
Listing of where each item has been allocated    
List and value of items per beneficiary and per destination (charity, etc)    
Financial reconciliation against each Beneficiaries allowance  
Download of allocated inventory  
Download of allocated inventory for each Beneficiary  
Download list of unallocated items  
Trial runs × 
Moderator review likely outcome after Beneficiary selections complete ×   
Multiple passes of selections/allocations ×