Moderator Registration

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Registration to act as Moderator of an estate


Process in outline

stage 01

This registration is to be used if you are new to Heirsheir - i.e. are not already a Moderator or Beneficiary to any estate on the system and so do not have a username and password.

If you are already registered you should log in and select 'Register an estate' under the top menu item 'My Estates'.


Stage 1:  Register Moderator


Note that as a Moderator you may also be a Beneficiary. You will be able to enter this information during the 'Register Beneficiaries' stage


Terms and Conditions

Download HeirSheir Booklet

If you are interested but want to learn more before committing, download our booklet which will explain HeirSheir in detail and allow you to discuss with your family whether it is right for you